Our Philosophy


Our mission and vision: “To help those who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction and provide them access to affordable substance abuse treatment.”  Since 1972 we have helped over 34,000 individuals receive the quality care and treatment they need.

With the realization that recovery is a process and not an event, our social model peer-oriented and home-like recovery program is designed to assist men and women in developing a foundation for long term recovery.

Our 12-step based approach to recovery focuses on affecting positive change in the client’s lifestyle and behavior through education, group counseling, one-to-one counseling, exposure to alternative coping skills, and positive role models. “More people are clean and sober today as a result of AA’s twelve step program than all other treatment methods combined.” (Kessler 1997)

We are here for our clients and family members during the program and after graduation. We offer a free aftercare program through our Wednesday night “Alumni Group” and Friday Night “Family Group.”